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April 2016: General American workshops for Actors and Performers

Received Pronunciation – Neutral English workshops

RP/Neutral English Skype or Facetime coaching for self-tapes, auditions and film/TV pre-production for International Actors living outside the UK

Please email or ring/text 07932 440043 for details


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Welcome to Confidently Speaking

Using proven training techniques accrued from 15 years' experience of coaching within the fields of Business, Film\TV and Theatre production and accredited drama schools, Voice and Vocal Communications Coach, Anne Walsh offers successful, effective and transformative coaching in Voice and Vocal Communications for Business, Accents and Dialects for Actors, Accent-softening, Received Pronunciation and Elocution and Speech.

Here are some reasons to choose Confidently Speaking -

Confidently speaking business training has helped hundreds of individuals improve their vocal, speech and communication skills, presence, impact and influence and confidence.

Film and TV credits include - Dialogue Coach on the film 'Half of a Yellow Sun' and Dialogue assistant on Steven Spielberg's 'Munich'.

Confidently-speaking accent-softening methodology has helped hundreds of international English Business people and actors from the following language backgrounds soften their accents and improve their speech clarity: North-American, Australian, Austrian, Bangladeshi, Bengali, Bolivian, Bulgarian, Chilean, Chinese, Colombian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Faroese, French, French-Canadian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indian, Iranian, Iraqi, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Mexican, Moroccan, New Zealand, Nigerian, Norwegian, Pakistani, Filipino, Polish, Russian, Rwandan, Slovak, South African, Sudanese,  Spanish, Swedish, Syrian, Taiwanese, Turkish, UAE, Vietnamese.

Choose from the following training areas -

Voice and Vocal Communications Training for Business (Non-performers)
Accents, Dialects and Dialogue coaching for Actors
Received Pronunciation
Elocution and Speech

Training formats - one-to-one, group, intensives, in-house, bespoke, skype.

Anne is London-based, but works both nationally and internationally.