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Accent and Dialect training by Confidently Speaking

Accent and dialect coaching training for Actors with Confidently Speaking gives you the tools you need to successfully act in many world and Regional English accents and I offer both supportive one-to-one training and input on film\TV and theatre production.

Essential to any accent is the time spent consciously practising the individual placement of an accent - where the accent is felt - which, in each case is highly-specific, revolving around tongue height, position of the soft palate, degree of closed, or openness of the jaw.

This will be hard-wired in to your muscular memory during the session and in addition -

*You'll be coached on the main tongue, lip and mouth positions on all the key vowel and consonant shifts of the target accent.

*You will receive a detailed accent breakdown sheet to help you practice and refine these.

* We will also practice accurate speech and intonation patterns particular to each target accent.

* We’ll discuss supportive audio\audio-visual aids

* We'll also hard-wire the accent onto your audition\casting text\dialogue or film sides.

*You can record the session to help you when practising alone.

Offered World accents include - Albanian, Armenian, Australian, Bosnian, Botswanan, Czech, Croatian, Chilean-Spanish,  Dutch, Egyptian, Estonian,  French, French-Canadian, French-Congo, General American, German, Ghanaian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Iranian, Israeli, Iraqi, Greek, Jamaican, Lebanese, Mexican-Spanish, Nigerian, Norwegian, Northern American varieties, (Alabama, Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, New Orleans, Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, San Francisco)   Romanian, Russian, Slovak, South African, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish, 

British, Scots and Irish Regional varieties include - Birmingham, Black Country, Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Bristol, southern-Irish, Dublin, Cork, Wexford - Stoke, Nottingham, Essex, Estuary, London varieties, Estuary, Essex, Northern Irish varieties, Belfast, Donegal, South Wales. Scots – Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee.

*It takes 1-2 hours to cover an accent from scratch, with extensive regular practice to develop it

*one-to-one face and skype training available, with small group intensives on the General American accent.

Credits on film and TV as Accent and Dialogue coach include:
Demain Tout Commence, Tommy’s Honour, Hollyoaks, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, Grantchester 2, Vera 6, Danny and The Human Zoo, Capital, The Danish Girl, The Tunnel, Jihadi Brides, The Dovekeepers, Glasgow Girls, Swung, The Assets, Rogue I and II, The Smoke, Half of a Yellow Sun, Hustle, Doctors, Walking the Dead, The Life and Death of Peter Sellars.

Dialogue Assistant on Munich (Steven Spielberg)

Theatre credits as Accent/Dialect/Voice Coach: The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd, Corrie – the play, Kebab, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Harry and the Moonlight, Something Cloudy, Something Clear, Many Loves, I can get if for you wholesale.

Dialogue consultant working with the dialect coach on 'The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency – prior to the second series, 2008.

Theatre credits (as Accent and dialect coach\Voice support) - 'The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd', (2012),' Corrie - the Play' (2011),  'Kebab' - (2007, 'The French Lieutenant's Woman' (2006), 'Harry in the Moonlight' (2005), 'Something Cloudy, something clear' ( 2003), 'Many Loves' (2002), 'I Can Get It For You Wholesale' ( 2002).