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Accent Softening by Confidently Speaking

Ideal for those who speak English as an additional language, or have a regional English accent and want to improve their accuracy, clarity and confidence in English pronunciation.

Combines approaches to stress and intonation used in EFL training, with voice-training methodology for Professional Voice-users, (actors, public speakers, politicians), this highly-effective methodology will move you from a model of relative accuracy towards absolute accuracy in English pronunciation. This programme of training is ideal, if you are an international English business individual and need to up-skill your English pronunciation.

Actors with international English accents also need to soften their accents and understand English intonation and stress when speaking English for castings, auditions and roles in Film, TV and Theatre and I've worked with leading international actors on films ‘Swung’ and ‘Munich’ to achieve this.

I also coach many international actors one-to-one on a short-term and long-term basis and offer accent-softening coaching for castings and auditions in both face-to-face and Skype settings.

How does it work?

*Improvement is built on modifying the spatial relationships and behaviours of the lips, tongue, jaw and interior mouth shapes on vowels and consonants and building idiomatic English approaches to stress and intonation using technical exercises, drills, improvised speech and prepared reading outlooks. 

*These exercises need to be practised consciously and repeated frequently in private practice and in life, in order to hard-wire the new outlooks into our muscular memory and keep speech outlooks natural.

How do we start?

We start with a diagnostic session covering your pronunciation of all the vowels, consonants, major omissions and substitutions on these, stress and intonation patterns. We will then discuss what length of programme is best for you and draw-up an Order of Work. 

An introduction to voice fundamentals and a short tutorial on conscious practice are also included in this session (optional).

How long does it take to see a result?

This depends on your starting point and how much you practice the exercises outside of the sessions, however, if you engage in conscious practice, do solo practice and embed the new pronunciation outlooks into your everyday speech, you will see a definite improvement in 5-10 sessions.


Diagnostic – 1 to 1.5 hours
Duration of training – Ideally, 5-10 hours, but single one-off sessions and single diagnostic sessions also available.
Training formats - one-to-one, Skype. Small group intensives, Workshops
Prerequisites - Knowledge of the International IPA is helpful, but not essential
Reference materials – You will receive a Reference Handbook and an audio file of the English vowel groups. You can also record the sessions.