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Technical voice training by Confidently Speaking

The neutral English accent, Received Pronunciation (RP) is a requirement for professional actors today to work in Film/TV, Radio and on stage. Many business professionals also want to increase neutrality and accuracy in their speech and this template is ideal as a working Model of Practice.

Whether you need to develop a contemporary, or historical, ‘period’ RP accent, Confidently Speaking can enable you to reach this goal.

If you are an International actor who acts in English?  We can work on an ideal blend of accent-softening and RP, to radically improve your intonation patterns, approaches to strong and weak stress, as well as accuracy, neutrality and clarity on your English vowels and consonants.

If you are an international actor living outside of the UK and you need to use your RP accent for a self-tape, audition, casting or film/TV production? Please email or call + 44 ( 0 ) 7932 440 043 and we can arrange coaching via Skype or Facetime to fully prepare you.

How the training works:

*in one-to-one sessions we'll start with an initial diagnostic, revealing how close or far away you are from the RP template in your own accent, or current model of RP. 

The diagnostic also includes a short tutorial on Conscious Practice.


Training Indications:

*the RP template covers 25 vowels and 24 consonants, and uses weak and strong stress, strong and weak form and stress-timed rhythm as its core components of intonation.
*This template can be covered in 2-4 hours, but it usually takes 10 one-hour lessons to learn the positions and behaviours and practice them well enough to start to hard-wire these into your muscular memory patterns.
*Sessions can also be used purely for hard-wiring the accent onto text\monologues\film dialogue, for auditions or castings.
*Coaching is available in face-to-face one-to-one, small group intensives and skype.
*You will receive a free RP handbook and audio file of the vowel groups for reference.
*You can also record the sessions and use these as a guide to practice to.